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Forgotten Survival Skills of the Pioneers

The world has pretty much forgotten survival skills of the pioneers and the ways the pioneers lived. Thankfully, we have some people around who have revived those forgotten survival skills and brought them back to life for us. We can find some survival skills of the pioneers in a new account written by Claude Davis called The Lost Ways.forgotten survival skills of the pioneers One reason why our ancestors got things done the way they did is because it worked then and most of it still does today.

Life, as we know it, can change overnight. In these times, we constantly face threats such as terrorism, changing climate patterns, and collapse in the financial markets. As the Boy Scouts say, “Be Prepared.” You can be prepared by learning just a few of the forgotten survival skills of the pioneers just by applying yourself just a little everyday.

Most of us are employed or usually involved doing daily tasks and we don’t take the time to even think about the otherwise forgotten survival skills. We are used to living everyday lives that are comfortable. We go about our business, day in and day out, thinking that everything is always the exact same. We don’t try and imagine what would occur to you or your family if suddenly all of the conveniences we have known disappeared. How could we survive and function in life if we lost perhaps the basic things such as clean water that we take for granted.

If catastrophe strikes, we want to guarantee that ourselves and our loved ones that individuals can care for. We wish to be in a position to provide human that is basic, like food, water, and shelter. We have no someone to blame but ourselves whenever we are completely unready. It is crucial to make ready our survival skills right now while we have both the ways and means at our disposal and not after disaster strikes or the SHTF and we loose the opportunity.

The forgotten survival skills of the pioneers are both fun and easy to learn. Most of these forgotten survival skills can be self-taught step-by-step quickly with very little effort each and everyday. Others, such as fire making, will take some backyard training. Yet, you can still teach fire making to yourself and your family and they will have learned one of the best of the forgotten survival skills of the pioneers that you could have taught them.

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With minimal ease you can simply take some time to put together a small survival kit, whether or not this means doing something simple like putting some bottled water and blankets within the trunk of your car. You can also buy a great 72 hour survival kit that is already put together for you. Head to the food market and grab some non-perishable items to store in your pantry or vehicle. Be sure and buy at least one knife that is good. You may never need to use it, nevertheless that one survival knife might just be what saves your life in a survival situation.survival knife


These forgotten survival skills of the pioneers is all about preparing yourself to easily adapt to sudden changes. It’s about giving yourself a chance to begin over after everything you know has been lost or destroyed.

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Even though, some people might think you’re being neurotic or over-preparing for something that might never happen, your survival is not their business. If they choose leave the forgotten survival skills of the pioneers only to their grandparents memory and not to prepare themselves, then that is their business. When disaster strikes and they are left with nothing, they will quickly realize that they also should have taken just a few steps to improve their survival skills and their chances to survive. Although it’s sad but true many will choose to do just that.

You can choose to talk about your preparedness with others, or you can choose to keep the discussions solely between you and your family. Some escape routes and meeting places should be kept secret so that only your family will know therefore, culling out, any unwanted company at you safe spot.

People really should turn their thoughts from the modern survival thinking for just a bit and look at how our ancestors survived, 150 years ago. These guys were the last generation to practice basic things daily and for a living, that we call forgotten survival skills of the pioneers now. No matter what, I hope you realize now that a small bit of preparedness goes a long way. Again, it’s always better to be safe and alive than sorry.

To learn more about all the different ways you can take care of yourself in any situation, please check out The Lost Ways by Claude Davis. Learning these forgotten survival skills of the pioneers could be what saves yours and your family’s lives in the future.

the lost ways

cooking on the go

Survival Cooking On the Go

Have You Been Looking for a Survival Cooking Stove for Cooking On the Go? Whether you’re going out for a weekend camping trip or are putting together a 72-hour survival kit, you’re going to need a way to cook food. As you know, most camping and survival food is designed to be heated up with water so it can be turned into an enjoyable meal. If you don’t have heat, then you don’t really have a meal. This flameless, efficient stove solves your problems! Here’s what makes it perfect for anyone who wants to survive with cooking on then go:

Lightweight and Portable: The stove is made of lightweight steel that folds out so you can form a strong cooking surface. It then folds in so it’s compact and fits neatly inside of a bag or in the back of a car. The hexamine tablets only weigh a few grams each that’s perfect for stowing in a backpack.

It’s Affordable: With our low price guarantee, you won’t find many other camping stoves at a comparable price.

Has Flameless Operation: Hexamine tablets rely on a chemical reaction to produce heat. Interestingly they’re able to do so without producing a flame which is ideal if you’re attempting to keep a low profile. The hexamine tablets are also weather resistant and can withstand strong wind and light rain.

Super Efficient: For its weight, this stove and fuel tabs are some of the most powerful cooking options around. Boils water in mere minutes and will produce constant heat for quite some time (approx. 20 minutes on one tab).

Durable: Unlike stoves relying on gas canisters, both the stove and the hexamine tablets have no moving parts and require no maintenance to work. That means they’re great for roughing it. And they store for years without degrading. This Portable Stove with 24 Fuel Tablets is an Emergency, Survival, and Camping ESSENTIAL! CLICK HERE 

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This Lightweight, Portable Emergency Survival Stove with Hexamine Fuel Tablets Includes: 1 – Lightweight, durable metal stove 24 – “No Flame” hexamine fuel tablets Easy, Reliable Survival Cooking On the Go Whether you’re going out for a weekend camping trip or are putting together your survival cache.




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Emergency Prepper Books You Can Use

With well written emergency prepper books, you can use the real knowledge and expect to easily endure any crisis even if it turns out to be a long-term situation. And yet, with poor or no knowledge of tips to endure any crisis, the majority of people will sadly minimize their likelihood of making it all the way through alive.

Emergency prepper books train you in the abilities that allow you exist regardless of where you happen to be at the time of the crisis as well as helping you to prepare for the various ways to be able to exist in virtually any location you may have to move to. A good emergency prepper book offer you the techniques you and your family need to survive.


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Enduring a crisis setting is not the same in a wilderness as it is in an city environment. Likewise there is a huge distinction regarding survival in the woods as opposed to living through devastating weather conditions. Without training you can get from emergency prepper books hardly anyone one could survive any of these situations for any length of time. uring each and every crisis situation is not equivalent in a desert since it is in an urban environment. There’s also a huge difference amongst enduring within the woods vs enduring a catastrophic temperatures situation.

Although anywhere you happen to be, never forget the very first rule. Don’t freak out out. Fear can contribute to making unreasonable decisions that will interfere with the likelihood of surviving. Shelter, water, and food should be your number one priority in spite of any circumstances you happen to find yourself in.

When reading emergency prepper books you can use for any situation, you can expect to find out that when you’re going through a desert location to always have on hand survival equipment. Nobody ever anticipates a car to break down or even getting lost in the desert however, it can and does happen.prepper books

You ought to have a cap or something to cover your head, clean drinking water, a mirror or reflective surface to use as a signal, and a lighter or waterproof matches on hand. Lighters and/or waterproof matches are necessary due to the fact temperature found in the desert can drop at night and you will need to stay warm. Not only that, you could utilize fire for burning car tires or any other products to signal for rescue.

Keep in mind never wander too far away from your car or truck. This will make it more difficult for the rescue teams to find you. However, try not to rest in your car or truck for the reason that temperatures in the vehicle may become extremely hot. As part of your emergency kit, you should always make sure you keep a first-aid kit, flashlight and blankets in your vehicle.

Survival in the city takes a different approach simply because most people are just not trained when it comes down to the actual collapse regarding modern society guidelines after an emergency situation. Urban survival will often rapidly come apart purely due to the fact that of the great number of people who are going to be competing to get food items and shelter. Just basically trying to survive will become a problem quickly in the city if you do not have a plan in place.

Emergency prepper books you can use for any situation that outline urban survival generally identify the necessity for food storage methods. Prepper books will also describe how you will need a strategy to prepare the meals, the best way to filter water and facial masks to protect against contaminants that may be in or around urban survival areas. Sadly there is also the fact that you will have to protect yourself and your family from other people who are trying to survive also.

Another sceemergency prepper books you can usenario is wilderness survival which in turn is a lot different than desert and urban survival, in particular, because the terrain can have extraordinary challenges depending on the area you’re in at the time. You are going to need a watertight backpack filled with such items as a first-aid kit, energy bars, waterproof matches, a compass, a knife, paracord, clean water and tarp or a tent. You can use the paracord to tie to trees, arrange the tarp on it to construct a quick shelter from the elements.

Emergency prepper books you can use for any situation will cover how to survive in virtually any location no matter what particular duration of days to weeks whether it be short or long term. You’ll be able to familiarize yourself with the most important provisions that you will need to put together and keep readily available. Plus, the emergency prepper books you read will provide the confidence you need to be able to endure any sort of emergency survival crisis.

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